Good things come to those that wait….

One of the most frequently questions I am asked when I receive enquiries is

“How long will I have to wait to receive my order”

My queue for worn panties and orders really does vary. Often panty orders are like buses. I might not receive an order for a few day and then I receive 3-4 orders in a matter of hours which as you can appreciate changes my queue time quite dramatically.

I am an established pantyseller of 4 years with an excellent reputation. As a result I do receive a number of orders each week because I have built up a reputation and a following of loyal panty buyers. It also means I attract a lot of those nervous about buying for the first time because I have such a trusted reputation. Again though my queue varies but typically I tend to say that I can wear within 7 days of receiving an order. However I take my queue as a good sign and feels others do too, it means I actually have returning orders showing my quality and trustworthy reputation.

Because this varies I always ask if you have time pressure to email me first to see about my queue time. I can give you an idea of how booked I am before you place your order however I am unable to hold this date for you without payment. Once you pay for your order I allocate the next available date therefore if you are limited for time I always recommend to pay ASAP. If my next available date is not suitable for you I am more than happy for you to select another date providing it comes after the original date I have given you.

One I have worn your order I ALWAYS post it off on the morning that I take it off. I always send first class so in most cases it should arrive next day for you if not the following day but this is Royal Mail dependent. If you want to guarantee next day delivery you can pay an additional £5 for royal mail next day delivery.

A little tip I have for beating the queues generally is to place your order mid month. From 25th to the 8th of most months I am at my busiest because most UK buyers tend to buy around paydays which the majority fall around the end of the month. I find myself a little quieter from around 14th of the the month meaning you might not have to wait as long for your order.

I specifically want to request a certain date to wear and send in your diary can I do this?

Generally my answer to this is yes. If you email me with less than 7 days notice this is not something I can promise although I will try my best. However if you give me more than 7 days notice and pay for your order I am happy for you to select the date you want me to wear and send rather than me allocate you my next available date in my diary. I know many of you have partners or it is difficult to be home to receive your delivery therefore you only have set days to receive. I am happy to accommodate these requests as much as possible.

Also please remember if you do have issues receiving deliveries to home or work, I can offer Collect Plus store pick up where you get an email to tell you that your order is ready to pick up. With over 500 stores in the UK to pick up from this really is the most discrete and easy service to use. It also means you can keep your home address discrete if you do not want to enter this information into my website.

I hope that clears up the question of queues and remember panty buyers, good things come to those that wait. My reviews on Pantytrust and Adultwork certainly prove that time and time again

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