Used Panty Update - September 2020

It's been a while since I posted to my blog so I thought I best share an update with my loyal panty lovers since I promised I was going to post more frequently. The good news for September 2020 is that I am still selling my used panties and my current queue is around 5-7 days at maximum.

Selling Status

Although it might seem obvious to some I thought it was a wise idea to clarify that I am still selling my used panties. Even after 7 years of selling used underwear I still enjoy it so much and am one of the most experienced and reliable pantysellers in the UK. I wanted to clarify because after posting that I was retiring from webcamming I received a large number of emails to ask if I intended to retire all together. I definitely do not intend to retire from used panty selling just yet.

My job sometimes is very full on but my decision to retire from webcamming and phone chat was so that I could concentrate just on used panties, which is where I get the most enjoyment from.

Used Panty Queue

Another bit of good news is that now demand has settled down and I have managed to clear the backlog of orders after stopping selling due to COVID, my queue is a lot shorter.

This really does vary all of the time and orders are always coming in. However for the last fortnight I have been running at a 5-7 day queue maximum which I predict will be around 5 days for September to wait. There the wait for my used underwear is not quite as long as normal.

Used Panty Special Offer

Until the end of September I am offering £5 off a £30 spend. This is with code SEPT5. The only two requirements are that you must use the code before 30 September 2020. And also this can only be applied to an order that totals more than £30. But this does mean you can get a 2 day worn pair of panties for £25 instead of £30, so a great deal for those that like longer wear.

New Pairs Coming

I am also adding new pairs to my site very soon. Keep a look out for new styles and colours

You can check out everything I have available in my store here>>

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