July 2020- Used Panties Queue

2020 has been a strange year for many reasons. However I am thrilled to say that I am back to selling used panties. It is lovely to see so many new and old customers buying used panties again since I opened my store again for orders. I am busy however my queue is not unmanageable and as I write this (17th July 2020) I am currently operating at around a 7 day wait/ queue.

Therefore if you place your order today I am generally able to start wearing a week after you place your order and pay. There are exceptions however to manage expectations I thought I should give a rough guide to my current waiting times.

It was always in my "plan" to retire from webcamming but 2020 just seemed the year to do it. I had promised at the start of 2020 for my main focus to be on panty selling which it has. But due to a global pandemic that was halted for a number of months the peaks and troughs of panty selling were emphasised more greatly and currently the demand for panties again is a lot higher. As a result my queue is slightly longer than normal and in particular I am finding that customers are placing longer wear orders. This makes my queue slightly longer because I have to book in multiple days wear consecutively.

I am also running a special offer for July. With the code JULY50 you can receive £10 off orders over £50 which has made my store a lot more popular.

Therefore if you do want to place an order do not wait until days before you would like to receive otherwise I may not be able to fulfill your expectations and order when you require.

You can purchase your panties from my store. here>>

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