Selling Used Panties on Instagram- Another new account

I have written two blog posts now about selling used panties on Instagram. The main takeaway from both these posts was that one of the biggest downfall of selling on Instagram and having a pantyselling Instagram page is that your account can be deleted at any time, without much explanation if the moderators feel you are violating the site guidelines. No explicit photos or even glances of nipples etc.

However even after being super careful for over a year and after my account being deleted twice over my second account was deleted without warning.

I debated for months as to if it was worth setting up another instagram page... initially I did not however I am back on Instagram.

My new page is

or @miss_smithpanties

Why I like Instagram

Instagram is fast moving like Twitter, however as it is more photo based I feel it is a lot more user friendly to show off my images unlike Twitter which is more conversation based. Blink and you may miss a photo posted on Twitter. But because of the pretty Instagram squares on your profile, even if one of your followers does miss one of your posts it is very easy to see these again once they click on my profile.

I find it really enjoyable to take clips and photos of myself wearing a pair of panties and then upload to Instagram. I feel through photos and videos with very little text it actually shows off my personality and my likes. And for buyers and followers, viewing photos is so much easier than scrolling through lots of text.


As I mentioned the strict guidelines of Instagram means that it is very easy to become banned. Instagram is really not for adult content and maybe just slightly suggestive shots only. There is no real warning or appeals. Anything out of line and the profile is gone. This is incredibly frustrating when you have put a lot of hard work into your social media profile and following.

My New Instagram Profile

My new Instagram profile is @miss_smithpanties so please come and follow me. This new profile will be massively toned down and nothing at all risqué posted, I’m going to be even more disciplined. Whereas with Twitter anything goes, so for real filth you will have to stick to my Twitter profile.

I’m going to change the focus of my Instagram profile and making it more of a diary of what I get up to, so please expect more “normal” shots about what I’m doing in my daily life. There will still be lots of panty shots but I am going to make this a little different to my Twitter.

I’m also going to utilise the videos and story function a lot more, great if you love watching video clips. Many of these clips I will pin to my highlights so my profile will really showcase what I offer in a much more coordinated way than previous.

I do really need to build up my following again so please follow me on Instagram


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