I'm retiring from webcamming and selling my outfits

I have mentioned I have been thinking about it for a while now, however I can officially confirm; I am retiring from webcamming as of July 2020. I no longer will be offering cam shows on Adultwork.com or offering show direct through Skype.

As a result I have a massive amount of sexy lingerie, sexy outfits and clothing for sale. You can see everything in its own section of my website here

These are all sets and outfits which when previously asked by webcam clients or fans I have said no to selling. They are now all available!

Many of these outfits have starred in webcam shows, my videos and are featured on my social media regularly. I call them my "famous outfits".

This includes my famous PVC catsuit that has been a firm webcam and video favourite.

Also available is my nurses uniform which has a number of fans

There are also a number of very pretty underwear sets from what I call my "special" collection. I have kept these sets as they have fitted beautifully and were a bit more expensive to buy so I have never sold them on or accepted offers on them. So these really are one off pieces so to speak.

And you can also by my famous thigh high black boots!

I will also include any photos or videos I have made that include the items purchased from this collection.

I know I will be asked the question so is this retirement forever? Probably!

Because of my work schedule and life schedule fitting in webcam shows is not possible and now just feels like the right time to take a step back and concentrate on my pantyselling and clipstores. However I have not ruled out a return in the future to webcamming in the future (as you never know what is round the corner life wise) or a one off show every six months or so.

A massive thank you to everyone who has had a show with me over the last 7 years. This has made me the person I am today and I appreciate the experience.

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