Used Panty Deliveries- Service almost back to normal

Life really has been turned upside down over the last few months. Everything has changed which has also included the delivery service when selling used panties.

This is no way a criticism to Royal Mail workers as they have been working hard over such a difficult time but what I have experienced is that many of the packages I have sent out to customers have taken A LOT longer than usual. I send all of my items first class which is normally next day but this has not been the case recently. As a result there has been concerns that packages have gone missing (and in some cases they have) and a number of worried customers.

As an update as I write this (22nd June 2020) there are still some delays and first class is probably only being received next day by 50% of my customers. Previously I would say 85-90% of my customers would receive their order next day. Generally there is a 2 working day wait for first class orders.. which is an improvement as nearer the start of the month some customer were waiting up to 5 working days on first class.

I imagine this figure will improve as time goes on.

However I do offer next day delivery (special delivery) which is an additional £9 for those that do not want to wait for your order .

You can see the option in my store here when you come to purchase.

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