June 2020 Update - I'm selling used panties

It has been a crazy few months but just a quick update that I am selling used panties and my order book has reopened.

I promised at the start off 2020 I would be back bigger than ever after taking some time out in 2019. However the COVID-19 situation put a stop to that and it really has been an odd few months. Life certainly has not felt normal.

I am still working from home, and I am going our shopping once a twice per week. So my time mixing with other people is very limited. Due to the demand for my panties and that I feel I am using common sense I am taking orders once again. This is a personal choice both for myself and those buyers that choose to continue to buy from me.

My store has become quite depleted in terms of items, mainly because the shops have been closed and I haven't been physical panty shopping since the start of February.

However now the shops are open I am due a trip ... I can assure you there will be a large number of new pairs added.

All of my spare time has also led me to review my wardrobe and all cam outfits. I have decided that I am no longer going to cam from the end of this year, therefore I am selling ALL of these items and outfits. Please look out for these being added to my website also.

You can see my store here >>

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