7 years of Misssmithxxx used panties!

A slightly delayed post since my actually pantyselling anniversary is 8th Jan but I thought my first post of the decade should celebrate this milestone. Yes really 7 years of selling my used panties!

I can’t believe I have been selling all of this time and it really has gone over in a blur. I never would have thought I would have been called one of the UK’s most experienced panty sellers or established myself as an “expert” as have been labelled by customers and also in the media. On that note I never thought I would have gained so much media coverage on that date I nervously looked in my knicker drawer and thought I probably could give panty selling a go.

I started out as a broke student studying for a PGCE (teacher training). I hated it, knew it wasn’t for me, but because I love to have a plan (and have a commercial brain) I was so concerned about having to pay back my tuition fees and getting no investment from this as I knew teaching was not the path for me.

Back then pantyselling was more about making some cash albeit I did get off on the idea of men enjoying my underwear. However as the time went on I realised it was not about the money for me, I enjoyed the thrill of others enjoying my underwear. And the confidence pantyselling has given me to do things a little different, understand more kinks and fetishes, have more self belief. I believe this actually gave me the courage to quit my PGCE course and choose a career path that did not stifle my creativity.

My used panty journey has grown and established in a way I could never imagine. From posting on terrible sites to my own website and being established on only the best pantyselling platforms such as Pantytrust which I now volunteer on too.

I guessed last year I have sold over 1400 pairs of panties, I reckon that figure is way over 1600, which if you imagine the size of that pile of panties that is totally crazy.

Things did change slightly in 2019, most of my regulars will know this that I stepped back from cam shows and videos because of a promotion at work. This has made pantyselling slightly more difficult logistics wise as I do have to travel more. But the good news……


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