I'm still standing.... and selling used panties

So I have had A LOT of emails and messages on Twitter over the last few months asking where I am and if I am still selling.

The good news is ABSOLUTELY YES!

Most of my regular customers and fans will notice my absence from Twitter and lack of blog posts since April. I have been selling but my "normal" job has changed and I have been based in London or some weeks in the US (New York and Dallas) as a result this has meant I simply have not been able to put as much effort into my social media and website. Instead I preferred to focus my time on used panty orders.

The good news however is until Jan 2020 I will now be back based in the UK all week with less travel. I don't think I can go back to the level of social media and blogging I achieved pre April 2019 however I certainly will be posting more often!!

What you may have noticed is that I have already updated my used panty site. I have added 30 new pairs of panties this week. You can check these out here.

I also will be offering my usual Christmas offers all through December so look out for that.

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