April Used Panties Special Offer

I’m not going to treat my panty lovers to Easter Eggs this month but another special offer! Since it is Easter and my birthday at the end of April I’m going to offer another month long special offer.

This month my special offer will be £5 off 2 days wear. Meaning you can get panties worn for 48 hours for £25 rather than £30. To use this offer on my site the code is APRIL25

This is a great way to reduce the price on longer wear orders too. You can add on more than 2 days wear to your order for this offer and add in other extras. It will just reduce the price of the second days wear.

All of my panties are included in this deal from the STANDARD range only. This does not apply to the items from the clearance section for a 2 day wear order. These items are already heavily discounted and the price is only £24 for 2 days wear on a pair from this range anyway.

Within my standard range you do have over 40 pairs of full knickers, 30 thongs and 10 pairs of Brazilian style panties to choose from, so there is certainly something for every taste.

You can use this code multiple times, and the only real “rule” is that to qualify for this offer you must pay for your order before midnight on 30th April

To take advantage of this offer visit my panty store and select two pairs of used panties you would like to purchase.

Use the code APRIL25 at the checkout page and the discount will be applied to your order

If you would like to order via email please let me know the product code of the pairs you would like to buy, note any extras, and then let me know how you would like to pay (bank transfer or amazon uk gift card) and I will send over the payment details.

Happy shopping panty lovers!

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