Misssmithxxx Custom Video and Photo Update

Due to a crazy busy real life work schedule since summer 2018 I have not offered custom videos and photos. I did say that I would be offering these again and I have had many many emails asking when I can next offer these. I did say towards spring however due to some work changes new job!) I will be putting these plans on hold for the foreseeable future.

I’m a perfectionist and for me when producing custom videos quality is key. I spend a lot of time preparing for each custom, use high quality sound and video equipment and put a lot of effort into the editing and uploading each custom video.

Those of you that have ordered from me in the past will know that even when I was taking custom video orders I would only have limited slots each time. This is so I could set time aside specifically to prepare and shoot the video, then edit it. I never wanted to rush videos or produce something sub standard. This is the reason I charge a premium for my videos; because I won’t accept anything other than a high quality video.

I can’t offer this commitment at the moment and I feel this would impact on the quality of the videos that I am producing which is why I have taken this decision to put the Spring custom video slots on hold.

This is not to say that I will not be offering custom videos again. However for the foreseeable future I am unable to shoot ANY custom videos or material. At present I can’t give a date as to when I will next be offering this again.

I do however offer a free 30 second video clip of me wearing the pair of used panties that you have orders, as an alternative to the 4 free photos of me wearing. So you do still get to see me as a personalised video.

Or I can offer a massive range of pre-recorded videos which can be sent over within 24 hours of receiving payment (Monday – Friday). Because I have been making videos for so long I have a MASSIVE selection of pre-recorded footage which is a cost effective alternative to a custom video.

To receive my pre-recorded video price list please email me here.

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