Buying Worn Tights and Stockings- New Tights and Stockings Added

Spring is almost here, which should (hopefully) see temperatures ready to rise! This is great news for those with a love for smelly worn tights and stockings. Meaning my feet will be getting warmer, sweatier and more scented.

The scent of tights during the winter months is naturally not quite as strong as the summer months. Because of the colder climate in the UK my feet just don’t sweat quite as much as they would over the warmer summer months. So a pair of tights or stockings worn 1 day during the winter would not be as aromatic as a pair worn 24 hours from the summer months.

This will mean that even after 24 hours of wear my feet in the Spring and summer time give off a greater scent when wearing tights and stockings.

Even better news for all of you nylon lovers. I have added over 6 new pairs of tights and stockings. My stockings available now are in 6 different colours; traditional black and nude but then some sexier brighter colours too. My favourites are these purple ones pictured.

I have also listened to the feedback responses from my 2018 customer survey and I have changed my website allowing you to customise your tights and stockings orders in the same way you can with used panties. You can now customise all panties, socks, tights and nylons and choose up to 5 days wear. You also have the option of adding extras like ass scents, stained, pee dripped/ drenched, extra masturbation and gift wrapped for tights.

I do not charge extra to be worn under my gym clothes. This is a “free” extra at request.

When I do not have my shoes on at home but have my tights or stockings still on (because I wear for a full 24 hours and only remove to shower) I wear slippers. I love thick fluffy slippers which make my feet sweat more and help add to the scent. My slippers do get quite trashed too.

The tights/ stockings are then taken straight off and put into the sealed zip loc bag to retain all of their scent. Meaning they reach you smelling how they did when they were removed.

I can wear with no underwear underneath either so not only do you get to smell my feet but my intimate areas too.

To check out my new tights and nylons visit my page here.

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