Worn Trashed Shoes- even more of them now Spring is almost here

With Spring approaching this is great news for those with a foot fetish and who loved trashed shoes. My feet are getting smellier again and the trashed shoes I have created from late summer and autumn and winter have been listed on my site. I currently have added 6 pairs meaning there are 15 pairs of shoes available.


Over the winter time I tend to wear boots more than shoes.  But I do wear closed toe shoes only in winter. Meaning that these shoes do not circulate air around my toes and keep in the scent of my feet sweating.  


I am very active in my day to day life. I walk far, I run far and I am up on my feet a lot. On a “rest day” or more sedentary day for me I find I still rack up 12,000 to 15,000 steps. With some days my activity tracker shows 25,000 + therefore it probably explains why my worn shoes really do have such a strong scent and aroma to them.


High heels are something I wear in my real life job, and for social events. Because of the style of high heeled shoe I like to wear these also are worn without socks, so my old high heeled shoes really do stink.





When I am in the house I wear slippers, which I wear until they are falling off my feet so take a look out for when I add these. Be warned these are not for the faint hearted and the smell is VERY strong.


All of shoes listed on my site include 5 photos of me wearing and free uk postage included in the price (add £5 for outside of the UK).


The shoes on my site unlike used panties take a lot longer to prepare. I only list shoes on my site once they are trashed, stink and ready for the bin. So they take a lot of preparation to get in this state. This means there are less pairs available, greater demand and a “one off unique item”. So if you do see a pair of shoes and you want to purchase them please do as they do not stay on my site long and you could be waiting months before I have something similar available.



To view and buy my well worn trashed shoes, check out my footwear page


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