Buying Used Panties- “creaminess” and the colour of discharge

One of my post popular blog posts regarding my used panties has been “Can you make my panties extra creamy……??” . The desired state for a lot of buyers of used panties is a crotch full of white or creamy coloured sticky nectar. This is something I try and offer and I will always advise on when is the best time to buy for those more visual of buyers. The “creamy” appearance though is not achieve through orgasm.

Like my previous blog explains this is not something I can fully guarantee and control, as most buyers of used panties will know. The amount of discharge and colour will vary between EVERY pair of used panties. Even for the same seller.

The female body is an amazing wonder and due to how it works there will be times in a woman’s cycle when it is more likely to get a more visibly white and creamy coloured crotch. I explain this here in the blog I referred back to in my introduction.


The times of the female cycle mean visibly panties will appear different even from the same seller. Mid month is definitely when I feel there is a thicker whiter creamy appearance to the stains.

I have produced panties where I have been very wet and lots of masturbation but visibly there has been less of a whiter appearance to the stains. Often this has been A LOT of very clear discharge and though soaking there is not a lot of staining in the crotch.

I also sometimes find that either side of the mid month time stains can have a more pinky/ brown tint to them. This again depends on the colour of the material colour of the panty crotch. Bringing me on to my next point.

Colour of panties

The colour of the panties you choose for your order can also make a difference. Darker and black pairs tend to show up stains very well and can visibly make these stains look a lot whiter.

White or lighter panties can often show up the true colour of these stains. Meaning that like above you may see a more pink or brown tint.

However what I sometimes find is those cream or panties with a slightly peachy or yellow tone to them, actually make the stains look a lot more yellow or often a lot less visible, than on either darker or white panties.

Hygiene and Infections

Without oversharing I am fanatical about my health, which includes my sexual health.

Because I work as a cam girl with other female performers (and in the past male) I need to undergo very regular testing and have certification to prove that I have no infections. Therefore I undertake an STI test EVERY month. I know for a fact this is so much more regular than most average people and in fact I would bet more than 80% of other pantysellers. In fact in a discussion with a group of girl friends many of these have never had this sort of test and the ones that do only undertake this less than once per year. So I really am a lot more health conscious in this respect than most people you will meet.

I mention this as I have had potential buyers worried about this risk and asked about personal hygiene and infection. So I am happy to share this to reassure anyone who has these questions or for those too embarrassed to ask.

For everyone reading this who has not bought from me previously. You can be assured of a fantastic experience and my used panties always get very wet, I just like to set the expectation of what real used panties look like. For those that have bought from me before, I thought this was a little more detail into how to get the best possible pair of used panties visibly.

You can buy from my store here.

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