Exclusive Discounts on Used Panties for Site Members

It is completely free to sign up as a SITE MEMBER on my website. This is an exclusive area where you can create a log in on my site to keep track of the orders you place with me, save your address for one click orders. The biggest advantage is that you get access to exclusive site member only discount codes. Currently I have 4 site member only codes running.

What is the difference between a site member and site subscriber?

As a site subscriber (where you enter your email address at the bottom of the home page to sign up), you are effectively signing up to my email list. This means that you will receive emails notifying you of time bound special offers, updates to my site and be the first to hear about site restocks before I announce on my social media platforms.

A site member gives you even more benefits and exclusive discounts. This is a personalised area on my website for you where you can track all the orders that you have made.

You can also save your name and address details meaning you have the option of one click ordering for future orders, making buying used panties very simple from my site.

The site members section has all of the active discount codes for my site listed in one place. And has exclusive discount codes for site members only; ones that even site subscribers do not get access to. These discount codes last for longer periods of time and have unlimited uses.

Both of these options are free, and you can sign up to both services. Site membership will give you access to more special offer codes and if you are regular purchaser from the Misssmithxxx site, it will mean you can save your details and make purchases a lot easier. You will also be able to keep track of your orders in a special “My orders section”. Great if you are like me and often delete purchase emails.

If you are not already signed up as a site member to my website and would like to do so please go to my home page and click log in.

You can then set up your account ready to place an order and take advantage of all of the discount codes available to you.

Sign up here

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