Places online to sell used panties : Fetlife

I have been selling my used panties for over six years now. In that time I have joined a number of social media platforms specifically to sell used panties on and a number of other panty or fetish related platforms. Fetlife is specifically positioned as being a “kinkster social network” however in terms of used pantyselling I don’t feel it has been as effective or successful for me as the likes of Twitter and Pantytrust although it does have its benefits.

What is it all about?

Fetlife is decribed as “FetLife is the Social Network for the BDSM, Fetish & Kinky Community. Like Facebook, but run by kinksters like you and me.”

It allows you to set up a profile in the same way you would do on a vanilla social network, and you can join lots of fetish specific groups. You can discuss the fetish, promote the services you offer in these groups and generally network with other sellers and buyers.

Content is not restricted

By joining the site you confirm you are over 18 therefore the content can be X rated. You can show as much or as little flesh as you like (include full XXX shots should you wish) without being penalised or banned like the mainstream social networks.

You do however have to accept that because content is not restricted, there will be others posting VERY explicit photos on their profiles and on group pages because of this. Even if you are not. So if you are easily offended then this might not be the site for you.

Promotion and Networking

The main way of promoting yourself is through your profile page. Therefore you need to make it clear that you are a used panty seller.

You can also join groups which allow you to promote yourself. The site covers a variety of fetishes, including used panties therefore you can expand your network of buyers and sellers.

Buyers and Sellers

This is a very fetish specific networking site. As a result you can find a large number of pantysellers and those interested in the used panty fetish. Plus many other related fetishes.

This is a great site if you offer more fetish specific related services other than pantyselling as there is so much overlap. Not only for selling purposes but an education to all things fetish.

In terms of sales however I do feel Fetlife is more about those that like to talk about their fetishes with others that enjoy them or offer them rather than specifically just want to buy . Although there are some people who are looking to buy on the platform, it just is not the same as the more commercially focussed pantyselling platforms like Pantytrust and Pantydeal etc.

It’s Free!

Joining Fetlife is totally free. Therefore if you do have time to spend, setting up a profile and checking in and posting content it is something that will not cost you. This is another free promotion tool, unlike some of platforms that charge you to have a profile.

My Experience and Opinion

Fetlife is a great platform if you are wanting to get more educated on the fetish way of life and find out a little more specifically about certain fetishes. It is also a safe way of posting adult related fetish content and it is aimed at an 18+ audience, so you can’t get your profile banned for exposing too much.

In terms of it’s usefulness for selling used panties I would say it is limited. I have had sales from Fetlife and it has certainly helped to establish the Misssmithxxx name when it comes to used panties.

However for many Fetlife users it is a way of actually finding people to MEET UP with to explore there fetishes further. So you can find you spend a lot of time getting asked to meet up or people who want to just chat to you rather than buy from you.

I wouldn’t say avoid as it has been helpful for me on my journey into the fetish world, but not the number one site I would recommend if you just want to sell used panties.

You can find me on Fetlife as Misssmithxxx

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