Watersports and Buying Pee Online

I touched upon this subject previously but the topic of watersports, golden showers and pee comes up very regularly when I am asked for panty, custom video and even fetish purchase requests. In fact the pee category of my Clips4sale video clipstore is by far the most popular, when it comes to purchased clips.

To the more vanilla tastes the pee fetish can be quite “shocking” and it’s often met with a bit of disgust or raised eyebrows and a massive no way. However for others it is a massive turn on and something that they really enjoy. In fact after six years within the adult industry I have actually came to the conclusion the pee fetish is a lot more common and popular then most would probably imagine. I think because of very vanilla attitudes of some, actually openly admitting they like pee or find it a turn on for those that do is a little scary and they are worried that they are going to be judged.

This is something I have a massively open mind to, and I can whole heartedly say that a pee fetish or request is VERY VANILLA compared to some of the requests that have come my way over the last six years.

I wouldn’t describe myself as have a pee fetish. I think my involvement and enjoyment from it comes from knowing my pee or peeing videos gives a thrill to those that do have this fetish. It is the enjoyment and comments of my pee lovers that motivates me to produce pee related content.

I also quite enjoy the after feeling and relief of having an empty bladder. The uncomfortable feeling of such a full bladder ready to burst, is changed and an overwhelming sense of relief comes after my bladder has been completely emptied. I think this drives me when filming videos and why I enjoy making the video knowing not only will it be enjoyed but I get to experience the lovely feeling of relief once I have made the video and emptied my bladder!!

This is what led me to make the decision to sell my pee also. Now this is something that I only offer via my own website. You can purchase this in the fetish section of my store.

Pee comes in a super secure 100ml container. (I purchase medical containers, which I have tested numerous brands of; only using the one I deem most secure). I then package inside TWO separate zip loc bags. And then place inside a thick padded envelope or box so there is no chance of spillage.

You can buy my golden nectar from my store here

Or buy my pee videos here

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