Wanting to Make Money Fast? By Selling Used Panties?

I’ve mentioned in countless blog posts and interviews with Metro newspaper and Vice magazine about how lucrative selling used panties actually is. Or as the truth goes not so lucrative, especially when starting out as a used panty seller. I get so many disheartened new sellers asking for advice and how to encourage potential buyers. The reality is selling used panties, and becoming “popular” and in demand takes time.

It is only now after 6 years of hard work and selling that I do have a queue. But that is not to say that I do not go through quieter times. The used panty market is so unpredictable in nature. I can go through a week with only a handful of enquiries and then I can open my email inbox to see that I have had 4 orders placed with me in the matter of 4 hours.

One of my most popular blog posts of 2017 covered this question about selling used panties in response to

Woman makes £50,000 a year selling used panties

Collectively with other fellow established Pantytrust sellers we shared our experiences and it would seem that for everyone involved selling used panties is not massively lucrative, especially in the early days.

You can read the Pantytrust members views here on Pantymyths busted.


It takes time to establish a customer base as a new seller and from experience and relationships with many other pantysellers the demand for used panties can not be predicted. It has taken a lot of effort on my part to grow my customer base over 6 years, which has enabled me to have a “queue” for orders.

At the very start you do get interest from buyers wanting to try out a "new" seller, but this also brings the notorious timewasters and those looking to prey on the lack of experience of new sellers. Therefore as a newbie you have to sort through the emails but also create your profiles on pantyselling pages and take photos to use in your adverts.


The claims of selling panties for £100 per pair may be possible and as a one off every now and then but there is generally an accepted "price" for 24 hours wear for UK used panties at around £15-20.

It would be very unusual to sell every pair of used panties for £100 per pair although you may be able to add on extras and longer wear to the base price of £15-£20. Which is a nice side income but not £50,000 a year. Will you be able to sell a panties daily? Probably not; for the first year I was probably selling 2 -3 pairs a week as a maximum.

Why do you sell if its not so lucrative?

I genuinely enjoy selling my used panties, I always have and I always will. I used to webcam but now I rarely do so as I find it physically and mentally tiring. Whereas selling my used panties I never tire of. Six years on I’m enjoying it more than ever, so I can’t see myself retiring from it just yet; I am here to stay

You can see all my used panties in my pantystore here

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