Selling Used Panties… And Volunteering

On many of my social media channels I have described myself as a “used panties advocate”. After six years of selling I just am passionate about all things used panties as I love selling them so much. I am actively involved with writing about used panties as a blogger and also as part of the Pantytrust community I share ideas with other verified and trusted sellers. However since the start of 2019 I decided to accept the offer of “Pantytrust volunteer”

What does this mean for selling used panties?

Absolutely nothing from the perspective of selling used panties. For my customers new and old there will be no difference to the services that I offer.

However for myself I feel this is a way of giving back to the pantyselling community. Helping verify new sellers and supporting the admin side of the website means that collectively Pantytrust can offer buyers only the best of used panties collectively. Also for new genuine sellers (which I once was) it’s a great way to launch their business.

What I like about Pantytrust

The reason I got involved and started selling on Pantytrust was that it is an actual community with sellers that actually enjoy selling used panties.

On a lot of pantyselling platforms it is simply about the money and sellers will do anything to get a sale. I’ve never found this in my experience with Pantytrust. I have a personal experience of being on a platform where my photos were being stolen and used by a known scammer and I could do nothing about it. Made worse that the site administrators did not want to know. Whereas with Pantytrust this situation would never occur and volunteers like myself would take steps to prevent this to protect buyers and sellers. Rather than trying to undercut or steal business away from each other, the sellers on Pantytrust actually support each other.

I actually really enjoy the social side of Pantytrust. I do have people in my real life that know I do this, but it’s not something we openly discuss. So with the collective online community as part of Pantytrust I can discuss any concerns I may have.

If you are reading this as a buyer, head over to to check out the wonderful collection of panty selling ladies on there.

And if you are a seller, I would thoroughly recommend joining

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