New used panties, First restock of 2019

I’m guessing from the amount of sales of the last 6 weeks, my panty lovers are getting over their January blues by indulging their used panty fetish! Combined with my January used panty sale I have found that the contents of my panty drawers have started to dwindle and of course that meant going panty shopping!

I am pleased to announce that my used panty store on my website has lots of new additions after being restocked. In fact I have added 35 new pairs in total.

What can you expect?

As always I have a massive choice of panties added to my site. Not only have I added a lot quantity wise I have ensured a massive amount of variety too.

Lots of satin, lace, cotton and nylon. But a variety of colours with pretty much every colour of the rainbow on there. Not just plain but plenty of patterns too.

For you Brazilian style lovers I also have added another 10 pairs of these too.

I have also added a number of “favourites”. Pairs that I have bought multiple times because so many people have emailed me asking can I get hold of these again. In particular the satin and lace knickers which come in white, gold, silver, navy and black are clear favourites.

My favourites

I do have a lot of gorgeous new pairs of used panties to choose from which makes picking a favourite hard.

But in this restock there are two favourites. Both are Brazilian style pairs. One a bright aqua green pair. And the other a pink/ coral coloured nylon pair with a navy trim. They look incredible on too.

To see my new items please visit my panty store.

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