How to buy used panties : Choosing a pantyseller

Buying used panties relies on a massive amount of trust between buyer and seller. Basically it means sending money to a stranger online for something deemed a little taboo. It’s hardly a vanilla purchase and for many wishing to explore their fetish, they will have heard or experienced horror stories about being ripped off. However for every bad experience there are 10’s of genuine fantastic sellers of used panties which is why choosing the right seller is essential


This is paramount to how buying and selling works. After all there is a trust element of a pantyseller delivering the buyer what they say they will once payment has been made. You basically want to buy from someone who delivers what they say they will, when they say they will.

Life does change so a seller may find they have to move orders around, but it is crucial sellers communicate this.


This feeds in to my above point of reliability. A seller with lots of positive reviews is a good choice. For example on my own pages I have 80+ positive reviews on my Pantytrust page and 500+ positive reviews on my Adultwork page.

For someome who is new to buying used panties I would always advise buying first from established sellers with lots of great reviews. This is not to say not to buy from new sellers, as every established seller was new once. But you are more likely to have a great experience from an established seller, and with panty BUYING experience you will get a feel for the new sellers to take a chance on.


Being friendly and polite is a sign of a great pantyseller. And I really enjoy building a connection with my buyers to give them a great experience.

However for many sellers like myself, we encounter MANY timewasters or people asking for free things. As a result, most established sellers will be polite, professional and brief because it is not possible to have long chats with everyone that emails you. I want to spend my effort and time on genuine customers.

In the initial stages of the used panty buying process, most sellers will direct their buyer to payment within a few emails and not go overly into detail about the order until the payment is made. After payment, if you have quite specific needs or questions you will find it best to ask at this stage.


Discretion is paramount to buying (and selling) used panties. Choosing a seller that uses plain packaging, with no logos or website references to used panties is essential. Sellers will not mind a used panty buyer asking this question.

A good used panty seller will use padded good quality envelopes and remain discrete in their payment methods.


A “verification” seal or being a member of a trusted used panty platform usually is a big positive when it comes to used panties. Sellers that display some form of verification, have had to prove they are who they say they are. And for most buyers this gives some confidence they are buying from an actual female.

In the case of Pantytrust sellers like myself, they have had to send a photo of who they say they are. AND also send off an item like they would if sending to a buyer to deem them suitable to be considered verified. Membership to this site also offers conflict resolution, so buyers have some form of reassurance that if there are issues it can be resolved.


This is a something that for many used panty buyers is not an issue. For many used panty buyers they are more than willing to wait in a queue for their order. Which for more established sellers, most do have some form of queue and are not instantly available to wear an order. A queue usually means demand from a lot of happy customers

Newer less established sellers are less likely to have as long of a queue, which if you are wanting used panties in a hurry, than you may need to choose a seller based on how quickly they can wear and send your order . If you are wanting to buy from a very established seller with a great reputation, this is something you will have to consider and be more flexible on.


I think for most used panty buyers, reliability and discretion are the two most important aspects of choosing a pantyseller. Positive reviews speak volumes and as a new used panty buyer I would always advise to buy from those with positive reviews first.

But the most important element is buying from someone you have a connection and attraction with to make the most of your used panty buying experience.

To read my reviews please visit my pantytrust page here

Or you can buy from my store here

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