My favourite used panties of 2019

We are one month into 2019 and all of my panty lovers have started the new year going wild for my used panties. I expected a queue after having two weeks off over Christmas, however I came back from my break to a massive request of orders. I have been booked up solid for all of January and the demand does not seem to be getting any less .

I am certainly not complaining as I have loved wearing so many pretty pairs of panties this month. It has been hard to choose but these are my top 5 pairs of used panties this month.

1. Blue Satin Full Knickers

Bright and super soft, this pair really do cling to my curves. You can see from how they shine in the light how smooth and silky this pair of satin knickers are

2. Black Lace and Gold Satin Full Knickers

This is a really extra special pair from my premium range. Being from my premium range they are a really good cut and quality and I think they fit me really well. The black lace overlay contrasts really well with the gold satin, making them a super sexy pair

3. Blue Cotton Full Knickers

My panty lovers have loved the colour blue this month. This blue cotton pair are really cute but sexy and they fit really well. Sexy and comfortable to wear, and even better I have multiple pairs of these available so you can still get your hands on a pair from my store.

4. Emerald Green Satin Thong

This has to be one of my absolute favourite thongs of all time. It really is a super sexy pair to look at and wear. The bright colour looks amazing and the soft shiny satin feels great against my most intimate of parts. A top rated worn thong!

5. Black Satin and Hearts Full Knickers

This is the same cut and material as the blue satin full knickers at position 1. So they are very soft to wear and super shiny. I love the cute design on the knickers.

As you can see satin and full knickers have been very popular this month. Both with customers and myself. I’m really looking forward to wearing lots more pairs in 2019.

To get yours , you can order my used panties from my store here

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