One Click Ordering- Misssmithxxx Used Panties Member Section

Ensuring that customers can easily order used panties from my website is my number one aim. I intend to make the ordering process as simple as possible which is why I have created the option of one click ordering. This is through signing up with an email address as a site member. Being a site member is totally free.

Site Member

To use one click ordering first you need to become a site member. You simply click on the log in button at the top of the website near the navigate bar.

This will then take you to the log in page. This page gives you the option to sign up as a site member. Or once you have registered you can log in using your user name and password . (this is secure and I do not see your password details)

When you create your account you can save your address details. Either home address for Royal Mail deliveries, or your preferred Collect Plus Store address if you want discrete Collect Plus store delivery. This means each time you order you do not have to input your address.

You then simple press the order button, and then make payment via bank transfer or gift card as previous.

My Account Features

Within the member section , not only are your address details saved but also your order details. This will keep track of all the orders you have made, so you can check over what products you have previously ordered from me.

There will also be a page which lists all of the site membership exclusive offers. This is not the same as site subscriber (where the offers get emailed to you). The site membership section will have all active codes for my site listed in one place

I hope you find the addition of the member one click ordering function useful. I will be updating this section with an exclusive discount very soon.

To sign up visit my home page here

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