Selling used panties and worn underwear- My top tips

After 6 years of selling my used underwear, I would describe myself as a bit of a pantyselling expert. It was not always the case however and when I started out in January 2013 I was totally clueless and naïve regarding what to expect. I get approached regularly by new sellers wanting advice or “mentored”. This is not something I offer but I have put together a list of my top tips.

Join a pantyselling platform

By joining a site focused specifically on the panty fetish, gives you access straight away to customers who want to buy used panties. Sites like Pantytrust and Pantydeal have a large following of regular used panty buyers.

Spend time taking photos and writing adverts

Getting sales is all about marketing yourself right. If you don’t put any effort into taking photos or writing interesting adverts or content, you will not catch the attention of potential buyers. This is something you do have to spend time doing.

Create a pantyselling social media platform

You do not have to be on EVERY social media. But setting up a separate account to your personal one gives you exposure to more potential customers. I personally prefer twitter for selling used panties and finding potential buyers.

Know your boundaries and stick to them

You will be emailed a whole variety of requests as a pantyseller. And it is totally fine to say no to requests that you are not comfortable. It is not worth fulfilling a request if it makes you uncomfortable.

Understand discretion is key

The used panty fetish isn’t something people discuss at a dinner party and most buyers want to keep this part of their life a secret. When posting out items ensuring plain discrete packaging is essential.

Understand this is not a get rich quick scheme

From reading the tips above, it is clear that you have to put time and effort into selling used panties. All of the activities above take time. I have written many articles about selling used panties and how much money this makes but realise there are only so many pairs you can sell per week. And in the early days it is unlikely that you will be booked out with orders.

Give a great customer experience

I did mention above that as a new seller you are more likely to be targeted by known timewasters. However the majority of people that will email and approach you are likely to be genuine buyers.

Be polite friendly and clear about what you offer. When you receive and order it is essential you do what you say you will i.e wear for the amount of time stated and also when you say you will, so send out on the date you say. Excellent communication and service attracts repeat customers.

I hope this has been helpful to any new sellers that have started the new year wanting to get into the used panty fetish or are thinking about it. Most importantly being yourself and not trying to copy other sellers is crucial. Each used panty customer wants a unique experience and if they wanted to buy from another seller they would, so don’t be too like others sellers, be different!

I give more tips in other blog posts or my other recommendation is to join Pantytrust where you have access to a community of established pantysellers and a wealth of information

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