Buying used panties anonymously without giving out your name or address

Over the last few weeks I have had a number of emails from potential buyers of used panties who do not want to give out their name or address to buy used panties. It is very much possible to buy without giving your name or address, or having the transaction appear on your bank statement as long as you are also in the UK. In fact there needs to be no reference to used panties whatsoever.

I know for many customers they need to keep their used panty fetish secret and hidden, which is why I offer a service which is totally discrete.

So how is it possible to pay anonymously?

Yes- To pay for used panties totally anonymously you can do so via a cash deposit at a bank counter / paying in machine.

It is as simple as going in to any branch of Lloyds bank and taking cash out of your wallet, and paying it in to my account. The only real requirement for this is that you pay in at a Lloyds branch as this is the bank my account is with.

You can pay in cash at a counter or you can use the automated paying in machines in branch to deposit your cash. So by using a paying in machine you can cut out any interaction with a real person if you are nervous about doing this.

On the paying in slip you do not have to use your name, you can just use a set of initials in the payment reference section, then complete the slip with my account number and sort code . All I ask is that you let me know the amount you are paying in and the initials you use, so I can match your payment and order number up.

I have been asked if I accept cash through the post which I now do not. Cash through the post can very easily go missing. It also takes a lot longer to send, post and collect and resolve any issues which is why I do not offer cash through the post and ask for it to be paid in at a Lloyds branch.

Do I have to give out my address?

No. For many buying used panties I know because of their personal circumstance they are not able to get deliveries to their home address.

For others they do not want to give out their home address and want to remain anonymous.

You can use Collect Plus Store pick up so that your item gets delivered to a store in your area for you to pick up at your leisure. You can see all of the stores UK wide here

You basically get an email to let you know your item has been posted, and then another one sent to you when it is ready to pick up from your chosen store. You bring your email with barcode which is scanned and then you are handed your parcel.

I package my items very discretely . Used panties are sealed in an airtight bag and placed inside a high quality, thick padded white jiffy bag. There is no mention of used panties, my website or any other information on the envelope other than the standard printed Collect Plus address label.

I have written a blog on my packaging here.

Do I have to give out my name?

No. Not all of it anyway. As explained above you do not have to give out your name for paying in cash at Lloyds counter. However for delivery collection with Collect Plus it is advisable (but not essential), to use either initials or part of your name.

For example LS, Miss Smith or Lauren S

When using Collect Plus part of their terms is that customers may be asked for ID on collection. In reality about 99% of all my customers do not get asked for ID ever. So in theory you could take the risk and use a false name. However I always explain it is best to use a name that partially matches your ID just in case.

Everything about my used panty service is totally discrete starting from paying for them. From the onset of starting up as a pantyseller I realised how important it was to you guys that you could pay me discretely with a number of options but the whole service must remain discrete. With 5 years’ experience I pride myself on only offering the very best service.

It really is that easy and simple but I know for many new panty buyers this is a very daunting prospect. The worry of discretion, remaining anonymous or being found out what they are buying puts them off making an order. Be assured all you need to worry about it what pair of panties you buy, as the choice in my store is massive. You can see everything I offer here.

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