Buying Used Panties and Tights- Adding extras and customising your order

You can now customise every order made on site my and add on extras, or additional days wear automatically. Not just for used panties but also tights and nylons. Meaning that the order total is displayed immediately and you can very easily pay for your order.

You have been able to add on extras and customise orders since the middle of 2017 for used panties. However for my items added before this date this was not possible. For customers wanting to buy tights, nylons and socks there was not the customisable option which I know at times could be frustrating.

I did promise changes after listening to all the responses from my 2018 used panty survey, and adding customisation to all products was the most popular request. So I am starting 2019 with this new function readily available.

You can now customise all panties, socks, tights and nylons and choose up to 5 days wear. You also have the option of adding extras like ass scents, stained, pee dripped/ drenched, extra masturbation and gift wrapped.

Gym wear is not included as an extra as it is something that I offer free of charge at request.

As soon as you select the options that you want, the order total is calculated, therefore you know immediately how much an item is going to cost you.

This certainly makes the process a lot simpler for those wanting to order quickly from my site. As it now does not mean lots of emails back and forth to confirm prices for each request.

I have also tested this on mobile and the screen is very easy to use and order this way, not just on desktop.

To view my used panty store with all of my available pairs click here

Or to buy used tights and nylons click here

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