6 Years of Misssmithxxx Used Panties

Today marks a very special date in my pantyselling history. It is actually 6 years since I set out selling my worn underwear. I call this my pantyselling anniversary and I never thought back in 2013 that six years on I would be selling my used panties and have the demand that I do.

The time really has flown by and I am creeping ever closer to the decade milestone. It really has been a whirlwind adventure and I absolutely love all things used panties. In fact with all this experience I have now named myself on Instagram, a “used panties” advocate as I truly am so fanatical about all things used panties.

For those that do not know I started out as a broke student studying for a PGCE (teacher training which I was hating and wanting to quit) . Financially I was so concerned about having to pay back my tuition fees as I knew teaching was not the path for me.

Back then pantyselling was more about making some cash albeit I did get off on the idea of men enjoying my underwear. However as the time went on I realised it was not about the money for me, I enjoyed the thrill of others enjoying my underwear. And the confidence pantyselling has given me to do things a little different, understand more kinks and fetishes, have more self belief. I believe this actually gave me the courage to quit my PGCE course and choose a career path that did not stifle my creativity.

I have come so far with all things used panties. The sites I set up on initially were very basic, I think I even posted on the likes of Gumtree/ ad post in the early days. Without being arrogant I would say I am probably one the most established UK pantysellers, and offer an exceptionally high level of service. I hope my well designed website and front page on Google shows this. Although it's still a competitive market I work with other Pantsellers through PantyTrust and the support and community only makes what I offer better and I can give something back to those just starting out on their pantyselling journey.

I said last year I reckon that I have sold in excess of 1100 pairs of panties in 5 years. With a few more calculations I think this figure will now be in excess of 1400 pairs and rising! That is a lot of knickers and thongs!!

My January sale ties in with my pantyselling anniversary which is why I am offering a £6 discount on all pairs of used panties this month. This offer runs until midnight on 31st Jan using code JANUARY19.

Visit my used panty store here.

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