My 10 favourite used panties of 2018

Checking my diary I think I have calculated that I have probably worn in the region of 300+ pairs of used panties this year!! I truly am shocked as I knew I had worn a lot of pairs, just maybe not that many pairs!!

With wearing so many pairs means I have got to experience wearing some really gorgeous pairs of knickers and thongs and some I have not want to send to their new homes. It has been really hard to get this list down to just 10 but these have been my 10 favourite pairs of the year to wear.

1. Pink Cotton Hearts

This pair from January really were so cute. Full knickers I like but I never usually find plain cotton ones are in my list of favourites. But the fun but sexy pattern really were eye catching and these looked great.

2. Red Lace Thong

This one just was a classic. Bright, sexy and with a matching red bra it really did look hot against my skin and I was able to take some amazing photos.

3. Pink Satin Full

I love satin. This low rise pair of pink full satin knickers feel amazing to wear and pink is so pretty and girly.

4. Sheer Brazilian

I have mentioned this pair in my post about my favourite Brazilian pairs but this sheer mesh Brazilian pair were so hot and sexy.

5. Sage Lace Brazilian

Another favourite from my Brazilian list has crept into my top 10 from this year. The style , and the colour made this pair a real favourite.

6. Floral Satin Full Knickers

This was my favourite custom order of the year. A really classy well made pair of knickers

7. Coral Lace French Knickers

I Love coral , and this pair from August showed off my summer tan so well but had a lovely soft feel to them.

8. Black and White Frill Satin Thong

This satin thong was so soft and sensual to wear. It also reminded me of a French Maid costume which made it such a memorable pair.

9. Turquoise Nylon Full Knickers

Bright, pretty and fun this turquoise pair from April really were a pair to remember.

10. Black Satin with Lace Back

This pair has become a staple pair on my site as I had over 10 people email me saying they loved this pair and can I get a pair to wear for them. Because of how popular they were I could not say to to making them a permanent fixture on my site. Not only do they look so great on with the black satin and delicate lace back, the satin is so soft and feels amazing.

Check out my used panty store and purchase a pair which may make my 2019 hotlist

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