Advert Offers and What’s Coming Next??

My Used Panty Advent Calendar has been a massive success so far in 2018 and my panty lovers are thoroughly enjoying the daily sweet treats and offers. Each offer is posted early in the day on my Twitter profile @ misssmithxxx

Each offer is only valid until midnight on the day that it is posted therefore if you see an offer you want to take advantage of get in touch straight away or do so on my site so you do not miss out.

Today you will find my most generous offer of 2018.. in fact I have not offered panties at this price since 2016! £10 on all used panties. Do not miss out on this one as it may be years until I repeat this again.

As a round up so far we have opened the following offers:

1st Dec -£5 off all orders

2nd Dec Free international postage

3rd Dec free collect plus postage

4th Dec- 1 pair of panties £10

5th Dec- free girl on girl video with all orders

6th Dec- 2 pairs for £28

7th Dec 10% off all 3 month + subscriptions

8th Dec- 3 free pre recorded videos with all orders

9th Dec- 1 free extra of your choice with orders

10th Dec- £5 extra for 48 hours wear

11th Dec- £15 panties on all pairs

12th Dec- Free photoset with all orders

13th Dec- 1 pair of panties £10

14th Dec- £5 extra for 48 hours wear

15th Dec- 3 pairs for £40

16th Dec 5 free videos with all orders

17th Dec- £10 on all panties!

Keep a look out for my future offers… there are still 7 more offers to be unwrapped and as the big day is getting nearer I am certainly feeling more generous.

Follow me on Twitter @ misssmithxxx to keep up to date with all of my offers

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