Worked out in and Gym Worn Used Panties.. Even in December

December is a month of indulgence and of course I have already been doing that! A lot in fact and it’s not even Christmas yet. However I would describe myself as a fitness addict and working out, running and going to the gym is part of my life routine. Even in December. Meaning that you can still be assured my used panties have been worked out in. I’m not giving up on my fitness routine just because it’s December (and I may have a hangover!)

I love to workout and keep fit. I run 3-4 times a week and visit the gym for training sessions and weights 3-4 times a week (I do 8 sessions over 5 days) so as you can imagine I push myself physically. I offer worked out in as standard as part of my used panty price. I do not charge extra for this as many pantysellers do. The reason I do not charge extra is that as I explained above, working out is just part of my life routine and it would be too difficult to remove my underwear and put a different pair on if a customer had not chosen this extra.

However if you do not want me to workout in your order this is absolutely fine too and I will be happy to not wear for my workout. Although 90% of my orders prefer that I do.

Because I frequent the gym so regularly and go out running a lot, I have a large wardrobe full of workout clothes. The great news is that for those of you looking to purchase something a little different to used panties you can also buy my workout clothes. Maybe a sexy little sports bra, or would you

You can check out my workout items here

Or if you would like to order my worked out in used panties you can do so from my store here

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