Pantytrust- the best platform to buy and sell used panties

In the last few weeks I have been contacted frequently by lots of new sellers asking for advice about how to sell their used panties but also new buyers asking to buy used panties from a “genuine seller”. I always recommend and refer back to the Pantytrust site for buyers and sellers and really do believe it is the best pantyseller platform online to buy and sell from.

Benefits to Sellers

Access to a massive network of used panty buyers

Because the Pantytrust site lists independent verified panty sellers with reliable and positive reputations this attracts REAL panty buyers who are willing to spend and buy used panties.

Because of its established reputation in the used panty fetish network Pantytrust has over 20,000 Twitter followers and a high volume of website visitors. Sellers adverts are posted on both the Pantytrust Twitter page and website meaning that potential items for sale get seen by a wide audience.

One-off site membership fee and no commission

Pantytrust charges a one off fee of £40 to become a member and NO commission on the sales you make. This is unlike at lot of other pantyselling platforms which charge you a monthly fee and/ or a commission on every sale you make. This means within 2-3 sales you have made your sign-up fee back.

Network of pantysellers to share experience with

As a member of the site you have access to forums in which you can communicate with fellow member pantysellers. Sharing experience, offering advice and welcoming new members is what the forums are focused upon.

Support and conflict resolution services

Issues are rare but if you do have an issue with a purchase or a panty buyer, Pantytrust will offer mediation and help to resolve any conflicts which take into account the buyer and the pantyseller from an impartial perspective.

Benefits to Buyers

Support and Conflict Resolution Service

As above buyers can contact the site administrators for impartial mediation to resolve any issues

Verified Sellers

Pantysellers who are members of Pantytrust have had to go through a verification process. This involves them sending a verification photo and a pair of panties to the site administrators to check they are “real”. There are also very strict guidelines to follow for sellers to be part of this community.


Pantytrust is a member run community and as such sellers have to contribute and take part in the community. They are required to set up a profile and spend time and effort in doing so and must log into the platform regularly. Members that do not do so, have their membership terminated. Meaning for buyers, the sellers that are members show commitment to their pantyselling.

Good quality photographs and adverts

You must be willing to write clear, good quality adverts to sell your used panties if posting them on the Pantytrust site. This means there is a range of good quality adverts and products to choose from which clearly set out the price and selling terms.

Best possible service expected

Pantytrust members have a strict set of guidelines to follow and are expected as a member to provide the best possible service. This is the ethos that underpins the community.

I have been a Pantytrust member since 2014 and without doubt this has been the best £40 I have invested into my used panty “business” .

For buyers you can be assured that the sellers have had some form of varication through the application process and have had to spend time and effort to set up a profile on the Pantytrust site. There is also a support and conflict resolution service that Pantyrust offer as an impartial third party if you do have any issues.

This resolution service is also a great benefit to sellers and the support network that Pantytrust offers, is something very unique

My advice to those new or already selling panties I would say join Pantytrust . And for buyers this should be your directory for pantysellers.

To visit my Pantytrust page and the Pantytrust site. Click here.

Or after reading this blog and you feel that you would like to apply to be a Pantytrust pantyseller, please use my name “Miss Smith” on the username referral box on this page

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