Christmas Treat List 2018

Every year I get asked what I would like for Christmas by my panty lovers and cam show regulars (you know who you are) who refuse to accept the “oh nothing” line. From all of my blog posts and posts on social media I would hope it is clear that I LOVE SELLING USED PANTIES AND OFFERING CAM SHOWS. I genuinely do this because I enjoy it, not solely for money, gifts or treats.

But receiving gifts and treats is nice and I am truly appreciative of all of the gifts and thank you presents that I have received over the years. This why I have various gift and wish lists set up because I know that there are many who do love to give and do it because they want to. Therefore if you are wanting to treat me this Christmas the various ways that you can do are below.

Wishlist - Amazon

This links to my wishlist on Amazon, the details for ordering and the delivery address and instructions should be in the notes section on my wishlist

Amazon Gift Cards

It is slightly easier to send me an voucher. You can send them to my email address

You can let me choose my own gift or you can let me know what you want me to buy on my wishlist.

Wishlist Delivery Code

This is another wishlist of products I like that are not available on Amazon. You can simply pay for items with a debit or credit card and they are sent directly to me

Bank Transfer

In previous Christmas times I have been sent money especially from cam show regulars to buy myself a drink or two. I never say no to a glass of wine or a gin!

My bank details are below if you would like to do this or for me to get myself a gift

Sort code : 77-20-52 acc number 12059068 Acc name: L Smith

Although I have not been good all year around, I’m sure that Santa will pay me a visit. Please do not feel obliged to buy me or gift or treat, this is only my way of telling those that ask me every year the same thing. It’s not a begging post or an expectation for people to buy it’s just so I don’t repeat myself to those insistent but very kind people.

If you would like to buy me a gift or treat me you can find all of the details on my spoil me page here. Or following the links above

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