My Favourite Full Used Panties

I love wearing a variety of different styles of underwear as a panty seller. However one of the most popular styles for full panties has been and I feel always will be is full knickers. They are also a very popular style to wear so as you can imagine the choice when I go shopping is huge. This is why I have been able to wear full knickers in pretty much every colour, pattern and material.

The following pairs though have been some of my favourites to wear most recently.

1. Black Satin and Lace

Satin AND lace means a truly stunning pair of panties. The front and sides of this pair are made from soft silky satin and the back of the panties are a very delicate soft lace design. These really are so sexy and ornate.

This pair is actually a staple on my website and because they have been so popular I bought a multipack of these knickers. I love wearing them and panty love them so it is a match made in heaven.

2. Cream and Black Sheer

This pair of used panties were absolutely stunning. The front section has a cream front over the crotch area, with a black mesh overlay. The sides and back of these panties were all mesh.

This pair actually were on my site for almost a year without being sold which I could not believe as they were so pretty. So I was thrilled when I found a new home for them. I have had requests now for more pairs like this, so watch this space as I certainly will be adding more full mesh pairs.

3. Light Pink Cotton and Black

This was such a cute pair. I love pastel colours and this pink was so bright and pretty. With the black detailing it added a sexiness to this pair but had a great contrast. This pair were cotton but a very very soft cotton which was very smooth and silky which of course felt great against my skin.

I sell so many pairs of full knickers so these three pairs are only a handful of pairs that I have sold this year. I genuinely can say that it was so difficult only choosing three pairs for this blog post. Which means that I am going to have to do another full knicker show off page because I really have so many pairs to choose from and talk about.

To browse my selection of Full Knickers used panties and buy a pair please visit my store here

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