New Used Panty Sellers

Contact with New Sellers

I do get contacted frequently from new sellers asking advice, and depending on the level of detail I do sometimes answer and point new sellers in the right direction. I always would direct new sellers to Pantytrust. This is a fantastic community and the resources available means new sellers can ask questions within the community and get answers from

What I do not do is act as a “mentor” as flattering as this offer is. I also do not list down EVERYTHING I do and how to do it. I was a new seller once, and although it is overwhelming once you research yourself, you find that you understand what the used panty buyer wants and how to sell to them. It just comes across a little lazy on the part of a seller and makes me question their potential service.

I certainly don’t divulge how I make per month, when I get these requests I always feel these are the sellers who are looking to make money from selling used panties fast and care less about the fetish and more about how much “easy” money they can make. An influx of this type of enquiry usually happens in the weeks following an article in a newspaper claiming how “lucrative selling used panties” is.

Buying From New Sellers

Obviously I’m always going to recommend buying from reputable and established sellers like myself. But every reputable and established seller was new at one stage and had to make those first sales.

Therefore I would say giving a new seller a chance is essential and keeps the used panty market fresh and full of variation as established sellers retire, go on holiday or have very busy periods where they are unable to take orders.

For those regular used panty buyers or those that have bought lots of pairs of used panties buying from new sellers can be a smart move. Less queues and wait times and often lower prices as they enter into selling to entice new customers. Also as a regular buyer, as you have communicated with a number of sellers you are more than likely able to get a feel if the transaction is heading the way you want it to when building a rapport in the lead up to a sale. If the potential seller seems flaky or unreliable at this point you can maybe get a feel for it, more so than if you have never bought used panties before.

As a new buyer I would probably not recommend buying from new sellers as your first purchase. You want to have a great experience and although it is likely that you will have a great experience with a new seller, there is still the chance this person could be a scammer or may not meet your expectations. Reputable established sellers like myself with many reviews are probably the safest option because panty selling and buying is based on trust and you are less likely to be “ripped off” by a seller that is verified by the likes of Pantytrust or let down expectation wise because the seller has lots of experience.

Although I have pointed out the negatives and some issues with main sellers I would like to think that new used panty sellers brings variation to the used panty market. This can only be a good thing.

My main point is that every established pantyseller, including myself was a new seller at one point. Therefore giving a new seller a chance and not discounting them immediately is something I feel all used panty lovers should do, especially those that have bought from a number of sellers or buy used panties regularly. However as a new buyer buying from a new seller I do feel that this is probably something I would not advise until you have made a few purchases from established sellers with good reputations so you can judge for yourself the level of service and quality you receive from a new seller. Buying used panties is something many people enjoy, but making the wrong seller choice at the start of your used panty buying journey could spoil the experience for you entirely.

To buy a pair of used panties from myself (a reputable seller of over 5 years) please visit my store here.

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