How much should I sell my used panties for?

I get many new sellers contacting me about how to sell used panties and for buyers price is a major factor. So as you can imagine the question of “how much should I sell used panties for?” (or buy them for) comes up very often.

After selling for over 5 years and knowing how the used panty market works this does vary between sellers and how they set their priced. But I can very confidently say that £15-£20 is the expected “market price” of a pair worn 24 hours if going for an average. However there are factors which can increase this figure which I explain below.

Extras and Longer Wear

On top of the baseline price of £15-£20 many sellers add on extra for requests like longer wear, certain staining or undertaking various activities whilst wearing a pair of used panties for a buyer. These are known as “extras”. This really does depend on the seller but many like myself tend to charge an additional £5 - £10 depending on the extra.

Types of Panties

Some panties cost more than others to buy from in store therefore it should only be expected that these used panties cost more to buy and sell. Designer brands or materials like silk and satin will certainly cost more than £15-£20 worn 24 hours.

The price of used panties usually includes the cost to buy, postage and a “fee” to wear and prepare which should help gauge the price of what to sell at. In the past I have worn pairs for customers that were £80 to buy, which as expected sold for over £100.

Models and “Celebrities”

Certain established adult models and porn stars sell their used panties. However you may often find they start their prices any where between £50-£100 depending on their level of “fame” in the adult work. Again this is their prerogative and these prices should not be questioned or criticized.

However for someone new to pantyselling with no reputation or following, it would be very difficult to charge quite as much as established models and porn stars do.

Overpricing and Underpricing

There are no pricing rules when it comes to selling used panties. I would say it is just about finding what works for you personally. If you price too high especially initially you may find this puts a lot of buyers off as they can buy from other sellers who are more established and have a reputation they have built up some trust with.

You may find however if you underprice it is difficult to then raise your prices. Or in my experience if you price too low you attract a certain type of customer who then wants to you go even lower. I was once asked when selling pairs in a sale for £10 if I could offer 3 pairs for £10.

It really is finding the balance, which is why I always point people in the direction of the £15-£20 mark to start. But never undersell yourself and if you feel you are worth more than charge it!

This of course is only based on my experience, experience within the Pantytrust community and observations on certain social networks and used panty selling platforms. There of course will be people very successfully selling for more than the benchmark £15-£20 figure and those selling for less. Then with extras such as longer wear, stains and certain activities this price will rise.

If you would like to buy a pair of my used panties (which start in this benchmark figure!) please visit my used panty store here.

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