My Favourite Custom Used Panty Orders

My site has a very large selection of used panties available for sale. However I know many of those with a panty fetish may be looking for a style or specific pair which is why I offer something called “custom panty orders”. It is possible for you to choose a pair of panties that you would like me to wear, I will then order, wear them, take some photos in them and then send them out to you to then enjoy.

I have had quite a number of custom used panty orders this year but there have been . These pairs I really have not wanted to part with as they were so pretty and lovely to wear.

1. Yellow Bra and Blue & Yellow Polka Dot Brazilian

Although they match this was not a matching set. They just happened to look great together and the yellow bra matched the yellow polka dots on this pair of blue Brazilian style panties.

I do love a Brazilian style pair of panties and this pair really complimented my figure and just were a really fun pattern.

2. Navy Floral Used Panties

This was a very pretty order and a really good quality nice fitting pair of knickers. These were a full knicker with satin back and a lovely navy satin and floral pattern to the front with sheer sides. The satin was really very soft but as mentioned a very good quality.

3. Pale Blue Satin and Lace Back Panties

These were an absolutely stunning pair of used panties. The light blue satin was so soft and silky against my skin and looked fantastic with the contrast between the lace back. The lace back was a very soft delicate lace and a very pretty pattern of lace.

This pair actually inspired me to make my own purchases of 6 similar pairs which are satin with a lace back. You can find these in my Premium Collection in my store

How exactly do custom panty orders work?

Because I have to order the panties in advance I ask that you pay for your TOTAL CUSTOM ORDER IMMEDIATELY AND UP FRONT.

The total price for a custom order will include the cost of the specific panties (which may include a delivery charge for me to buy them and have them delivered) and a fee for me wearing them / taking photos in them/ sending out to you. This fee is my time involved and spent on your order so this is non-negotiable.

These orders are a little more expensive generally than my standard £20 wear fee but again this price varies depending on what items you want me to order (I have had customers ask me to wear panties worth £5 and others pairs worth £80!).

If you would like your own custom panty order please get in touch with me here

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