Used Panty Research

Thanks to some very helpful panty lovers I sent out my Used Panty Survey last month to a number of existing and customers that have never bought from me before. This involved a few questions about used panties, how buyers search for them, my own website and generally helped me understand what a used panty buyer actually wants so that I can improve the services that I offer.

Everyone involved was very positive however I got some invaluable feedback and ideas of what else I can offer. After conducting this research and reading over the results, some of the things I intend to change and improve over the next year are:

1. More Customisation on Orders

If placing a panty order direct on my site, buyers can customise their order adding extras like additional wear or various activities. I intend to offer this customisation for tights and socks too.

2. More styles and choices

My site does boast a massive choice of styles and materials already. However the Brazilian category always sells out quickly, therefore I intend to purchase more of these styles to add to my site.

3.More £15 and under panties

Again my clearance section which includes £14 panties is also very popular and items in this category sell out very quickly as panty lovers want to pick up a bargain. I intend to add more frequently to this category and will review and add stock to this section once per month.

4.More Subscriber Only Specials

The research has shown that over 80% of existing and new customers like to receive emails about special offers on used panties. I therefore will be utilising my subscriber emails more frequently and offering more subscriber only special offers.

5.Short Clips wearing orders

I have started to already include short video clips of me wearing items instead of photos of me wearing as buyers seemed to prefer clips over videos. I intend to continue this with the orders although this will not be for every order initially. However by September 2019 I aim to give buyers the choice of a 20 second clip of me wearing or 4 photos of me wearing with orders.

I will be completing my research again in 2019 (probably around September / October time therefore keep checking my blog and my Twitter as I will be making my announcement.

Until then look out for some changes coming soon to my site and some even better offers. If you have not please sign up to my site subscriber list please ensure you do on my homepage, so you do not miss out on exclusive deals

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