The taboo of buying used panties and selling them!

In a blog post earlier this year I covered why men (and some women) buy used panties. It really is A LOT more common and a lot less taboo than most people would assume; I just think generally most people don’t talk about it. I find that a lot of used panty buyers worry that they are being judged because they are doing something “weird”. Or I often hear lines like “I’m very normal I just like used panties” almost as an apology before buying. This is something I urge ALL buyers never to do, and buying and selling used panties is actually very normal to me.

Used Panty Buyers

There are so many reasons for a panty fetish and men buying used underwear, from getting their sexual fantasies fulfilled, the scent, using the panties to masturbate with or even just the scent. I have written a whole article on this. I get buyers from all walks of life, from different ages. Some I find out a little more about than others, which this information only remains between myself and them but used panty buyers really do come in all different shapes and sizes.

For some people they buy because they are single and want to smell a woman intimately. For others they are married or in a relationship and they want to smell another woman intimately.

Others are turned on by the actual underwear, to wear or to masturbate with. Or even both.

Then for others it is just the fantasy and thrill of owning a piece of used underwear. Some buyers like to build a connection, for others the photos and clips I send them of me wearing is enough to satisfy this thrill knowing that it has been worn by me and enjoyed. So it is therefore very difficult to pin point exactly what a used panty fetish is.

Used Panty Sellers

I also think it’s not just the (predominantly) male buyers of used underwear that assumptions are made about. I feel there are massive assumptions made about the “types” of women who are pantysellers. For many people they assume that it’s all about the cash and the women involved are pretty hard up for cash. I have seen some comments on articles about “the women selling are just as desperate as those buying them”. Maybe for many women they do get into pantyselling as a way of raising extra funds, which I did myself as a student whilst at uni. But if it’s just simply about the money this “type” of seller does not stick around long because they realise pantyselling is not a get rich quick scheme. It involves work and you actually have to enjoy it for it to be an enjoyable two way transaction. You find many business professionals doing this who find it a turn on or mums who want to feel sexy and admired again after losing their identity after having children.

I’m not rich or living in mansion but I live a comfortable lifestyle, with a decent career as a business professional and I don’t “need” to do this to survive; I sell my used underwear because I actually enjoy it. Of course the extra income is a bonus of selling my used panties but as my many blogs have explained you can’t make a living or get rich from pantyselling alone. Over the last five years, selling my used underwear really has helped me understand and never generalise what a panty fetish is.

I think in the last year in particular, buying and selling used panties has become a little less “taboo” especially within mainstream media. I have been involved with two articles which has appeared in Metro Newspaper and Vice Magazine and they certainly did not have the shock factor articles of years past had. The style of these articles and features about used panties have changed and there is definitely a less critical, less judgmental tone within these articles compared with what I read when starting out, almost demonising and chastising those that buy.

Discretion is always going to remain at the heart of what I offer; I don’t think we are quite ready to be discussing used panty buying and selling habits around the dinner table. But for those who are buying used panties from myself or other pantysellers, be assured there are a lot more people buying (and selling) than you may assume.

To buy my used underwear please visit my panty store here.

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