My Favourite Pairs of Brazilian Used Panties

I love that as a used panty seller I get to wear so many different styles and pairs of panties. Although, as I mentioned in a previous blog post this month, thongs are my favourite style to wear Brazilian Style Used Panties are a close second favourite. This style is also very popular with my panty lovers and I find this style is always one of the first to sell out on my site. My store has a massive selection of used panties, but I always find that the Brazilan Style section always have less pairs to choose from because they get bought as soon as I put pairs into this section

The definition of these panties are

“The Brazilian cut or style panty. This popular underwear name refers to how the back of the panty looks, while the front can be any style. The most common way to describe a Brazilian panty is that it is wider in the back than a thong, but much less coverage than a regular bikini cut. This style is a popular cut for both underwear and swimsuits in Brazil, which is where its name originated”

Exposing quite a bit of flesh and cheeky, I always describe Brazilian styles as a “cheeky pair of used panties. As someone with a petite but naturally round and full bottom I feel that this style really suits me and my figure.

I always find that when shopping Brazilian Style panties always seem to come in some really pretty and unusual or unique patterns. The pairs I have owned are always very distinctive and memorable.

These are my three favourite pairs from recent months.

1. Coral Lace

Coral is one of my favourite colours, so I was thrilled to wear this pair as a custom order. I loved the mix of colours and materials and these were a really fun but sexy looking pair

2.Sage Green Lace

I just love the colour and the delicate lace with this pair. The lace felt so smooth and silky and this pair made my bum look really round and full.

3. Blue Floral with Lace Trim

This was such a cute pair. I love pastel colours and the floral print looked so girly and pretty.

To browse my selection of Brazilian style used panties and buy a pair please visit my store here

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