Paying for used panties with gift cards

One of the most commonly asked questions I get asked is how do I pay you for used panties if I am outside of the UK? The simple answer is gift cards. However I am very strict that I only accept AMAZON.CO.UK vouchers and not vouchers for other amazon market places such as .com .fr at. etc vouchers are very easy to buy no matter where you are in the world, however there is one very common mistake that happens at least once a week when buying these therefore I thought I would dedicate a post to this to explain a little more.

Why I can’t accept payment from other Amazon sites other than

The way Amazon operates is that it has a dedicated marketplace site for each country. The delivery network is set up to allow the prices of items on the home nation site to be very competitive. For delivery outside of each particular country the prices are not at all competitive and the delivery charge can be £20+ alone. Some sellers do not even post outside the country they are operating from on many marketplaces.

As a result if I receive an Amazon Gift card that is not for it often means I can’t actually buy the items I want because I can’t get items delivered to me.

Or the delivery charge is so high it actually would cost me and leave me out of pocket to buy from another Amazon site. Putting it very simply I just can’t spend them!

This is why I do not accept any other Amazon Gift Vouchers other than those for

How do I buy if I’m not from the UK?

To buy gift cards . DO NOT simply type AMAZON into your browser or search bar as it will take you to your default home nation site . So if you are in the USA it will take you to the .COM site or France .fr site etc . PLEASE TYPE IN AMAZON.CO.UK gift vouchers.

Or you can visit the site here

You can then follow the payment instructions as you do when buying an e gift card.

Gift cards are sent straight to my email account

Please do not send them to your own email account and then press forward as I can’t accept forwarded codes, only those that have come direct from amazon.

The currency of the UK is £’s GBP . When you make the payment you will select a value in £s and then the gift card will be sent to me for this amount. You will then be charged the value in your own currency when the money is taken out of your bank account.

I hope this helps any buyers who are not from the UK and making payment for the first time as it is the most common mistake made when sending over AMAZON UK GIFT CARDS. In fact it probably happens at least once per week.

In my experience Amazon as a company in all nations are VERY accommodating and will cancel gift cards sent in error therefore if you explain your mistake they can assist in cancelling the incorrect gift card and then directing you to the UK site.

If you would like to order from my store and use gift cards to pay please check it out here.

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