My favourite types of panties to wear

What I love about being a pantyseller is that I get to buy and wear so many different styles and pairs of panties. If I didn’t sell my used panties I probably would stick to one style of underwear and I certainly wouldn’t get to buy so many pairs or have such a huge collection.


In my pre panty-selling days, going shopping meant I had to choose between pairs and I often found myself putting pairs back because I could not justify buying everything I liked. However because I now pretty much sell at least 6 pairs of the 7 I wear each week I really can’t buy enough pairs. At times I am sure the store assistants look at me like I’m crazy buying so many pairs at once. Either that or they know I’m selling them!



Although I enjoy wearing pretty much every style I do have a favourite.


I am a real thong lover. In particular pretty cotton in pastels with a cute patterns are a clear favourite!


Recently one of my favourite pairs to wear was a bright blue floral print cotton thong. I wore these over the summer and it looked great with my tan and thongs always sit so discretely under tight clothes and gym leggings. I have this thong in other colours in my store in pink, black, dark blue and nude and I do not think the photos on my site do these thongs any justice as to how cute and pretty they look.




I am also a sucker for a CK thong. I love all colours but I must say black are a firm favourite. The classic wide waist band ones are what I prefer. Although you will not find these listed on my site I do often wear these for custom orders. Please email me to find out more but typically these are around £35 for a 24 hour worn pair.






Although a drawback of selling my used panties is that I have to let go and say goodbye regularly to some pairs which I would describe as “favourites” I do get to buy so many pairs that I could not justify if I wasn’t a pantyseller.


If you check out my store here you can see what I have to offer and wear for you

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