Buying “really dirty” used panties

“I want really dirty used panties” is something I get asked quite regularly.

Can I offer my buyers this? Absolutely! But to meet your expectations I need you to be specific over if its scent or stains that make them dirty so I can meet these. If dirty means strong smelling go for used panties in synthetic materials like nylon or sheer. If you want lots of stains you need to ensure you choose a style with a wide crotch. And always go for longer than 24 hours wear.


I’ve written a number of blog posts on the benefits of cotton, nylon and satin used panties. However to conclude if you want the strongest of scents (and often quickly) nylon and synthetic materials are the best choice. This might not be the truest or accurate reflection of my actual scent which my blog posts go into further but knickers in these materials will always smell strong after multiple days of wear.

However cotton does soak up the most stains wise therefore if you are looking for heavily masturbated panties worn over longer periods than these are what I advise to go for. Cotton also gives the best scent over a longer period if you are looking for more true to life scent as it is a natural fabric so actually smells like I do down below.

Crotch Size

I personally feel this is a really important aspect for “dirty” longer wear used panties and I would say in 99% of case bigger is better. Therefore full panties or thongs with a wider crotch will give you more for your money.

I recently wore a G-string for 5 days and I was really conscious the crotch was not getting as scented and dirty as another pair would have done. The buyer was absolutely thrilled with his order thankfully as he loved the look of the g string. However I personally felt that because there was such a small area for my crotch to rub against, at one point pretty much a thin string not only was the scent not being transferred as strongly but also the crotch was not absorbing as much of my natural juices and stains. A wider crotch had the potential of 5 days’ worth of this to absorb.

What does really dirty mean though?

Like with my G-string buyer, really dirty and 5 day wear means something completely different to them than it does to myself or even another buyer.

I would say for some people the worn scent alone is dirty, and 24 hours wear is dirty enough, 3 days is dirty enough pr for others they require 5 days’ worth of scent. But then for others “dirty” requires extra stains such as pee and ass stains which I also offer with all my panties. Dirty used panties really do need explaining to meet your expectations as a buyer.

It really depends on personal preference as to what is the most important aspect of your used panty purchase. If you are a visual person and it’s all about the actual look of the underwear, go for the pair that aesthetically you find most pleasing.

However if you are buying for the first time and want some guidance or a seasoned buyer that really wants to make the most of the scent or look of the crotch that you get from a longer wear of panties, the above advice should help guide you with your choice to make the most of your purchase.

You can see and buy my used panties here and choose up to 5 days wear as an extra

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