Buying and Selling Used Panties- marks and stains explained

Buyers of used panties like to see proof of wear. This is generally the case and the staining to the crotch area. This comes down to individual preference which I always respect. However something I always mention to buyers is that no pair of used panties will ever be the same. There are many reasons from plain biology, my routine on a particular day or just the difference in underwear material or style . However if you have strong preference for certain extras or staining (or the opposite and don’t want this evidence) it is crucial to make this known when you place an order.

As a member of Pantytrust one of the benefits is the access to forums where other member sellers can share advice or ask questions about selling used underwear. One of the questions raised recently, and it would seem what a lot of us sellers seem to ponder is the subject of “extra staining that naturally occurs” when a customer has not requested it, but also not stated this is an absolute no either.

Because every pair of panties is different, but also because all individuals have a different perception of worn/ not worn it is difficult to say what is normal and what this should look like. However we did all agree that often many stains just happen and this is part of the used panty process and we maybe should not actively prevent natural stains unless the customer has requested so.

For example when wearing a white thong, the sellers in the discussion agreed that actually marks and stain around the ass area are more likely to be visible than if wearing black or darker colours.

On the flip side, discharge stains in black or darker underwear can often be more apparent than white or lighter colours.

We obviously appreciate that certain stains are less likely to occur “naturally” and for many of these extras we charge a little extra because we take the time to make these stains and ensure they are visible. But again this can be a very subjective depending on preferences therefore it’s always worth discussing when placing your order.

What we did conclude is that as sellers we appreciate that for buyers if you have a strong preference for something to let us know to ensure we can meet this expectation or ask more questions around these requests. But also if you absolutely do not want too much evidence of “enjoying yourself” or ass stains please say so.

If you would like to order a pair of my used panties you can do here. My store gives the option to add on “extras” to your order.

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