Buying dirty tights, worn nylons and used stockings

With the onset of Autumn it means that I am wearing tights and stockings pretty much all of the time with my work dresses. I just can’t bear to go bare legged to work. This is great news for those that want to buy my used tights, worn nylons because the wait for these items is so much shorter due to me wearing these items anyway.

The scent of tights during the winter months is naturally not quite as strong as the summer months. Because of the colder climate in the UK my feet just don’t sweat quite as much as they would over the warmer summer months. So a pair of tights or stockings worn 1 day during the winter would not be as aromatic as a pair worn 24 hours from the summer months.

However with longer wear orders 48 hours plus my feet do sweat and these items do have quite a strong smell to them. This is because I tend to wear thick winter boots with a closed toe over the winter months. Even though it is cold outside, my feet in these winter boots sweat quite a lot when I am walking about. Then when I am sat in a warm office my feet are sweating even more. So you can imagine that after a few days of this process my feet and the tights I am wearing really do get very smelly and stinky.

At home when I do not have my shoes on but have my tights still on (because I wear for a full 24 hours and only remove to shower) I wear slippers. My slippers are thick and fluffy which also make my feet sweat, and of course are very smelly.

The tights/ stockings are then taken straight off and put into the sealed zip loc bag to retain all of their scent. Meaning they reach you smelling how they did when they were removed.

I can wear with no underwear underneath either so not only do you get to smell my feet but my intimate areas too.

To buy my used tights and nylons visit my store here

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