How easy is it to sell used panties?

I’ve been selling my used panties over 5 years now and I like to think it’s part of my everyday routine. Like many I got into selling my worn underwear as I thought it was a quick and easy way to make more money. I soon realised that this was not the lucrative get rich scheme I thought it would be nor is it something that is very easy to do. It really does take time and effort to establish yourself as a pantyseller with a great reputation. I have focused on the financial side of pantyselling but I thought I would explain a little bit more about the effort that goes into selling worn underwear.


You do have to invest time into selling your used panties. It is not simply a case of putting them in an envelope and sending them off; that is only a small element that takes a lot more time than you would think. And even the packaging up, and going to the post office requires effort and time invested in it.

In addition to the many post office trips, you need to take photos in your panties, create ads to sell your panties on various panty selling platforms and deal with emails from customers and potential customers. All activities again take a lot longer than you probably initially imagine they do. For the like of myself with my own website, there is also a massive time investment required to build, maintain and manage a website.


Quite simply if you don’t communicate with customers or potential customers well, you won’t be successful selling used panties. This is a critical element to being a pantyseller.

You need to be able to be friendly, polite and actually genuine but at the same time professional and to the point. This is because you will be required to have multiple conversations with different customers or potential customers at once. Some of these are genuine and others not. Especially as a new seller you do find that you become a target for “timewasters” or people that want to scam you or get you to send them free things.

You must be friendly and polite but at the same time realise and draw the line with certain conversations or enquiries in order to focus on your genuine customers and those that actually you should be building up a good relationship with. It is certainly something that comes with experience, but even with experience it does still take and effort to maintain this balance.


Being organised is also essential. With all of your panties available for sale you need to have a system so that you can easily access them when they have sold and don’t misplace them. You also need to have a diary and manage this diary to put orders in and wear when you say you will. In the early days when I only had a couple of orders a week max this was not quite as challenging. However once I became more established and now that I pretty much am wearing a customer order daily, being organised with my orders is crucial.

Is it enjoyable? Absolutely yes. Is it easy? Not always and certainly not at first.

To buy a pair of used panties or see what I have on offer please visit my store here

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