What is squirt and how do you squirt?

According to various sources and quite surprisingly, every female physically can squirt. However “squirting” or female ejaculation is something that if you ask, only a handful of women will say they can regularly do it or be made to do it. In my late teens, I discovered I could often squirt but it was sporadic and not something I could do on demand. That was until I met partners who knew what they were doing and EXACTLY how to do it and also worked on my technique. I’m pleased to say I can now do it on demand.

It’s not just an orgasm it happens when you stimulate your G-Spot

I can orgasm but stimulating my clitoris alone; by rubbing, sex or by using my vibrator. An orgasm like this alone is extremely pleasurable but it will not result in “squirting”.

To squirt you really need to focus on your G Spot. This is located inside the vagina, close to the front of the vaginal wall. It is a raised bump and feels quite spongy and sticks out, especially when already aroused.

However for many people what stops them from squirting is the inability to relax fully. In the moments leading up to squirting or female ejaculation it does feel a little bit like you are going to pee. Tensing up, stopping or changing position at this point will result in stopping yourself from squirting.

For me I always tend to orgasm as I squirt but reading into various “advice” is that not everyone does so. But in the lead up to squirting, once you get the same tingle a bit like you are going to pee things start to sound very wet and “squelshy” and then there is the realease and gush that comes as the fluid is released.

The amount I that comes out really does vary person to person. And even for every individual the amount varies each time. For me providing I am reasonably hydrated there is always a cup full of liquid that gushes, at times probably two or three cup full. So it really can be very messy and this is why I decided to sell mine because I produce quite a lot.

So how exactly do you squirt?

It all comes down to touching the right spot and making the right motion. Basically it’s all about the G Spot.

For me partners can make me do this with fingers alone. This is with a “come hither” type motion with one or two fingers. Personally two fingers works better for me as I prefer more pressure on my G Spot. Getting a good rhythm of this “come hither” type motion with some pressure moving in and out for a repeated period of time works. Within 2 minutes is usually all it takes and then as that “squelshing sound” happens pulling the fingers out allows the squirt to gush out.

Doing this for myself I tend to use a curved G Spot sex toy as my fingers often cramp up as they are just not long enough when reaching underneath myself. The same principle applies though that I move the toy in a “come hither” type motion with pressure and then pull out as the magic feeling starts to happen.

The more you practice the easier it becomes to recognise the feeling and how to get the rhythm and pressure right.

It’s Not Pee…

This comes as a surprise to many but, the fluid that women release when they ejaculate is not urine. “Female ejaculate is a watery liquid, either clear or milky, that comes from the female prostate glands and is released through the urethra, the same hole you pee out of,” . This does not smell or look like pee, and for me personally I always find mine is very watery and light coloured.

So how do you bottle it?

After much testing I have developed a fool proof method to bottle my squirt. I lie on my back with my back on a pillow and my feet on pillow (so my bum is at the lowest point) then have a waterproof PVC sheet over the pillows . This produces a well / fold where my bum is at the lowest point. Because of the fold this catches the squirt and then this is carefully tipped into my secure medical sample containers so I can mail it out and transport it without spillage.

It is then sealed again inside 2 or 3 sealed bags to ensure that even if any slight spillage did occur it would have to go through 3 bags before it made it to the outer packaging padded envelope. This makes it highly unlikely that it could ever spill through the outer packaging.

This is why I do not offer individual custom squirting videos. My process is quite delicate and requires 110% attention on ensuring I enjoy myself and then the results are carefully tipped

To buy my squirt please visit my store here to order.

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