How do you sell used panties discretely?

Discretion is key to selling used panties. Every element of my used panty service offers the highest level of discretion. To be a successful pantyseller, being discrete is something that has to underpin every element of the used panty experience. From the first contact to posting out the panties.


There is a specific blog post on discrete payment which is very in depth. My payment methods are incredibly discrete using either amazon uk gift cards, bank transfer or cash deposit. Using a cash deposit at a Lloyds bank is the most discrete way to pay as it means you simply withdraw cash from a machine and then make a deposit into my bank account. So there is no record on your bank statement of where the cash has been paid simply that you withdrew cash at a machine.

However even with bank transfer the deposit will show as L Smith, rather than to Missssmithxxx so there is no link back to my brand or website. And if you pay via Amazon gift card it will simply show on your bank statement as a payment to Amazon UK rather than showing who the recipient is.


Again I have written a specific blog post on packaging and posting used panties discretely which is very indepth. However I always ensure that I post my used panties in a plain brown padded envelope with no mention of my website, my brand or used panties on the order. In fact aside from a printed address label with only the customer name and address there is nothing else on the envelope.

The packaging dimensions are considered as a Royal Mail Large Letter, so fit through a letterbox without the need to be signed for. (however you can add on signed for delivery if you would prefer).


The post office or collect plus drop off is another part of the service where I don’t mention what is inside my parcels. I was a little paranoid when I first started selling my used panties that the post office would suspect or question me about what was inside my packages (even though this is not illegal in the UK) . However I always say clothing, and if asked further I say I am posting a neck tie or fabric sample. It has never raised an eyebrow at the drop off point and is very plausible.

Even if you do manhandle the packaging and pat it down because I use a high qulity padded envelope you can’t feel very much inside.


In my personal life I am very discrete about being a pantyseller and selling used panties . There are 2 family members and my oldest friend that know that I sell panties but even those I am close to, do not know what I do. I don’t discuss orders, customers or anything else pantyselling with the people that do know. My website, my files and emails are very secure and everything is password protected.

As you can see from above, all elements of my used panty service are discrete which comes with 5 years worth of being a pantyseller. You can see all of my used panties that I have to offer which of course are always posted discretely in my store here

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