Worn trashed smelly shoes- so many pairs added

Summer is coming to an end, and the colder weather is closing in. I have had a review of my wardrobe and realised how many pairs of shoes I have trashed over the summer and there are some pairs that REALLY stink. I of course have added these to my site. In total I think I have added 10 new pairs of shoes; a mix of ballet pumps, high heels and even running trainers.

The summer of 2018 has been A LOT warmer than usual. During June and July in particularly the weather was very hot and my feet in particularly got very smelly and scented. And as a result my shoes really did start to smell.

Ballet pumps in particular get very scented as I call these my “go to shoes” in warmer weather. I tend to wear them on days when I am on my feet a lot of active doing a lot of walking. I’m naturally someone that walks more than average. On a “rest day” or more sedentary day for me I find I still rack up 12,000 to 15,000 steps. With some days my activity tracker shows 25,000 + therefore it probably explains why my ballet pumps really do have such a strong scent and aroma to them.

Because I wear them with no shoes and the style of the shoe means my feet really do sweat in them. Which of course leads to a very smelly pair of worn shoes!

High heels are something I wear in my real life job, and for social events. Because of the style of high heeled shoe I like to wear these also are worn without socks, so my old high heeled shoes really do stink.

Due to the nature of shoes being something I only really offer “well worn” it takes a lot longer for them to get really trashed, scented and deemed to be sale ready. As a result I do not update my site with shoes as frequently and they do get sold very quickly.

All of shoes listed on my site include 5 photos of me wearing and free uk postage included in the price (add £5 for outside of the UK).

If you see a pair you like the look of please purchase from my site as I can’t guarantee or promise when new pairs will be sale ready. I will definitely be adding new shoes over the next six months on my site. However these will tend to be closed toe or more boot style shoes as opposed to sandals and ballet pumps, which I tend not to wear as much over the autumn and winter time.

To view and buy my well worn trashed shoes, check out my footwear page

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