Selling used panties- How lucrative and easy is it?

It’s been a busy few months not only selling my used panties, but also featuring in a number of media articles. Since the start of August I have featured in 3, yes three different media articles regarding selling used panties and the sex industry. I have written pieces and quotes for Metro newspaper, Vice magazine and Simplyxy magazine.

The focus of the Metro and the Vice articles was all about the challenges that come with selling used underwear online. Unlike many articles that have been published in the media in the past, both of these articles focused on the challenges of selling used panties. Both concluded that this is not a get rich quick scheme and it is not likely to be a highly lucrative.

It may sound quite a negative spin on selling used panties but both articles I feel gave such a realistic view of what it is actually like selling used panties by speaking to a variety of established sellers. I think for those new to selling used underwear or for those who are thinking of doing so, these articles set expectations that you are not going to be raking in £50,000 or should quit your day job.

The SimplySxy piece I wrote about foreplay was more of a fun interest piece. It does mention my feelings towards selling used panties but the content is more about my own personal views about sex, chemistry and attitudes towards fetishes.

What all of these articles cement is the point that sex work is work is really important. It reinforces what I have said in many blogs that selling used panties takes hard work. As the article outlines “that you’ll need great photography skills, a flair for writing, and a knack for customer service” . Realism and a mutual respect between buyer and seller is also covered which just underpins the service I offer and the ethos as a Pantytrust member.

My service is discrete and all the conversations I have with individual buyers are confidential. Therefore I have not discussed any of my particular orders or customers with any media outlet or will do when speaking to the media when they approach me. I generalise my experience and never go into detail about specifics which would identify anyone. As I mentioned above confidentiality and mutual respect is key to the service that I offer.

You can read my articles here

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Metro We spoke to women who sell their used underwear to see if it’s as lucrative as it seems

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