£5 Used Panties- ask me more

I will be offering my usually priced £20 used panties for the price of £5 for a number of lucky (and helpful) panty lovers. You read correctly 24 hour worn panties with 4 photos of me wearing and delivery for only £5.

There is a small catch to this amazing offer. In order to purchase panties from me for only £5 I will need you to complete a 15 minute (maximum) survey. This will just involve asking for a few questions about used panties, how you search for them, how you buy them and generally just to understand a little bit more about what a used panty buyer actually wants . There will also be some questions regarding my website and the service that I offer.

This questionnaire will be totally anonymous, so your name will not be alongside your answers. Once you have fully completed the survey you will receive a code which will allow you to buy a pair of used panties from me for only £5.

I have had some amazing feedback this year about my website and overall service. HOWEVER it is really important to me to be offering the best possible service that I can to both my existing customers and to new potential customers. I really want to understand your panty buying needs, and understand how you buy. This is so I can make my buying process as simple as possible but also the best possible experience for used panty buyers.

You do not have to be an existing customer to take part in this questionnaire. In fact I will be ensuring that I include customers who have not bought from me before (or in the last 12 months) in order to get a variety of perspectives.

If you would like to give me 15 minutes of your time answering some questions, in return for £5 panties please get in touch and email me before Friday 14th September. This questionnaire will be by no means difficult or time consuming to complete. And of course there are no right or wrong answers.

Due to the popularity of this I will only have a number of places available therefore participants will be chosen and random and notified by Tuesday 18th September.

Please note the £5 price for the UK and outside of the UK only includes standard delivery. If you would like your items to be tracked this will be a further £3. (Therefore £8 in total)

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